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Wenite is the all-in-one solution for HR professionals. From setting up surveys and analysing data to implementing targeted actions — our platform propels you forward.

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Using Wenite, we can quickly measure how HR actions are perceived through pulse and make immediate adjustments as needed. Survey reporting makes follow-up efficient and easy for both Attentia and the end client.

Dimitri Appelmans

Directeur Sales & Marketing

We work in a more efficient, faster and automated way. Moreover, we are now also data-driven, something our customers have been waiting for.

Brecht Buysschaert

CEO, Springbok Coaching

employee experience

The secrets to a great employee experience?

Continuous dialogue

Forget the annual employee survey.

Wenite makes it easier than ever to listen and respond to employees in real-time. This way, you create a constant flow of communication.

Objective analysis

Wenite reveals what employees truly think through objective data analysis.

Our survey method prevents socially desirable responses so you can make decisions based on reliable data.

Actionable feedback

Every employee has a story.

From the quietest voice to the loudest ambassador, Wenite gets everyone talking. Plus, employees who share their experiences receive immediate feedback or rewards.


Want to win at HR data? Do it with Wenite.

Create surveys, analyse feedback, and turn data into action. 
All from one platform.

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Turn data into action

Know which interventions are working thanks to Wenite.

Track and analyse the results of your actions (workshops, trainings, etc.) with data-driven feedback and adjust for maximum impact.

Swift data setup

With Wenite, you launch professional surveys in minutes.

This not only saves you time and costs, but also creates a smart and fast feedback loop.

All-in-one platform

From data collection to reporting and targeted actions, you'll find everything you need in one platform.


Our surveys and actions are backed by science and linked to real-time benchmarking.

This allows you to justify your HR approach with reliable data and see how you perform compared to the market.

Increase response rates with rewards

Feedback is invaluable.

That's why we reward employees who share their insights with personalised rewards in our marketplace. These rewards are carefully selected in collaboration with partners focused on health and mental well-being.

About Wenite

Pioneers in employee experience

Jasper and Robin experienced firsthand the issue of unanswered employee surveys and lack of action. This keeps limiting employee expectations. Their solution? Wenite.

Wenite listens, analyses and advises in real-time based on reliable data. With out platform, employees feel truly heard, and companies can make targeted investments in their well-being.

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